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Teeth in a Day Brampton

Teeth in a Day Brampton

I have been needing some major work done to improve my dental health. I know there is a newer procedure available that allows me to have my full arch teeth completed in one day. Is this teeth in a day ...AnswerI am truly sorry to hear that you are in a situation that requires you to have all your teeth removed.  This is not a small decision, and Dr. Sheikh normally recommends a comprehensive examination ...
Missing Teeth and sinus pain.

Missing Teeth and sinus pain.

I have a few missing teeth and I have noticed an increase in headaches and sinus pain. I know that there is a chance that I will have chronic sinusitis, what treatment options do I have for this?   ...AnswerWhen you are missing teeth, you are missing the support for your jaw. This can cause an increase in headaches and may explain why you are having this issue.  The headaches can make you feel as though ...
Do I need to replace a missing tooth right away

Do I need to replace a missing tooth right away?

I have been hearing many horror stories about not replacing a missing tooth right away like losing the bone density in my jaw. I don’t know whether or not to look into getting a dental implant as ...AnswerYES - you should replace a missing tooth right away - especially if it is your first molar, or any tooth forward to this.  The reason why (and unfortunately you have found out the hard way when it ...
What is a sinus lifting procedure

What is a sinus lifting procedure?

I know that I am in need of a lot of work when it comes to my teeth, I have heard of the term Sinus Lifting but I am not too sure what it is. I have also heard that It would need to be performed in certain ...AnswerDepending on the amount of bone you have, you may indeed need sinus lifting.  When it comes to dental implants, Dr. Sheikh always says "You need enough wood to put the screw in!".  In the upper ...
What are immediate molar implants

What are immediate molar implants?

I have been wondering what immediate molar implants are and how they differ, if at all from normal implants.   What would the placement procedure be?AnswerTraditionally, molar teeth are one of the first teeth needed to be extracted.  They are the most prone to cavity because they are at the back, have deep grooves and are difficult to access for cleaning.  ...
Full mouth reconstruction Brampton

Full mouth reconstruction Brampton

Hello,   I am in need of some help. My teeth are in very bad shape and I have no idea what I can do to repair them. My friend mentioned a procedure called full mouth reconstruction but I have no idea ...AnswerA full mouth reconstruction consists of the dentist or specialist preparing all your teeth for either crowns or veneers in order to regain your function and aesthetics of your smile. By working on every ...
Dental Implant recovery

Dental Implant recovery

Hi   I am currently living in the Brampton area and am very interested in looking into getting some dental implants. I am very limited in time off due to work and was wondering what the recovery time ...AnswerTypically after a dental implant procedure, the recovery time is normally just the day of surgery (we suggest taking the day off). For more complex implant cases, more time may be required to recover (ie. ...

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